Day 4 - Second Concrete Truck Pour - Oops!

Day 4 - Second Concrete Truck Pour - Oops!

Big Whoops! Friday the 13th strikes. The contractor wanted to thin the remaining concrete for the lower slab to slow it down while they finish the upper slab and wait on the final truck. Unfortunately, instead of the couple of gallons he wanted to add, he forgot to turn the water off. Look at that soup!


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  • Steve Bosbach on 2012-Feb-15 09:32:56 Steve Bosbach said

    You probably know, but thin mix concrete makes weak concrete. This may end up with surface cracks as the thin outer surface cures. I hope they were pouring early in the morning to give it maximum set time. I know it's hard to slow down the cure rate in summer, but the faster cure also ends up weakening the concrete.

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