Observatory Roof Frame 111002

Observatory Roof Frame 111002


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  • ATM on 2012-Dec-15 08:11:20 ATM said

    I built an observatory similar to this five years ago. Very nice detail *BUT* be please consider:
    1) The roof will sag ~3/4". You need at least 1.5" clearances for the moving parts.
    2) Consider a different, lighter design for the roof trusses, one that allows more overhead.
    3) Make the roof overhangs larger, at least 18". Ventilated soffits and roof vents reduce heat.
    4) You show small scopes on the piers. Allow >48" clearance to walls for scope upgrades.
    5) Run a 3" PVC pipe from the warm room to each pier. A separate 1" conduit for AC power.
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