Super Moon, November 14, 2016, Over Cedar Park, TX, and Reno, NV

I had to fly to Reno, Nevada for a conference on the Monday of the Super Moon, and while for most of us amateur astronomers, the moon being bigger and brighter is no big deal, I had enough people asking about it that I figured I best try to get an image or two. The trip afforded me a unique opportunity since I was up at four in the morning to head to the airport, so I was able to snap a couple of pictures from home just prior to hitting full moon at 7:52 AM. Then that evening in Reno I drove around looking for a spot to catch the moon coming up over the mountains east of Reno. Not an easy task given I didn't know exactly where the moon would rise and most of the locations I found had a restricted field of view. I ended up stopping on the side of a major road running along the rim of the western mountains above the valley that had a good shoulder on the western side and overlooked a canyon into the valley. It worked out well enough, even if I did have to worry about the traffic both for the photos and my own safety! Someone else saw me there and stopped to get their own pictures too.
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