Solar Eclipse Wide Field Exposure Adjusted Telescope Overlay

This version of the time lapse video has the eclipse view through the telescope overlaid so that you can follow the progress of the sky brightness through totality. The overlay starts about 30 seconds (75 minutes) in, with the time leading up to that covering setup of the telescopes and cameras.

The wide field video has had every frame adjusted to remove the automatic exposure settings and maintain a constant exposure. No computer monitor or file format is sufficient to cover the real dynamic range from full sunlight to evening night sky, but this video will give you an idea of the change in illumination throughout the duration of the eclipse. While the bright sky is completely blown out, if you watch the landscape and foreground you can see things getting darker during the progression of the partial eclipse before things go almost completely black at totality. The goal is to give you an idea of what totality really felt like.

The detailed observer will note that there are some frames missing in the wide field time lapse, so the overlay continues past where I start tearing down the scope!


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