Crinkled Baader Film

Crinkled Baader Film

The film arrived in less than perfect shape due to poor handling and packaging. I still don't know why Baader doesn't put a couple of pieces of rigid cardboard in these pouches.


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  • Steve kaiset on 2023-May-04 12:58:56 Steve kaiset said

    Ok. Here I thought it was just my package they didn’t bother to package carefully.
    My film had a nice crinkle in it from the way they packed it.
    I was lucky to get a clean area out of the film for my SCT 9.25 .
    You would think with as much as they must sell they could do a better job.
    I went old tech and built my holder from cardboard.
    I did make it adaptive to fit my 9.25 and my 8” SCT.
    I like your twist lock ring .
    When I built my Bahtinov mask for the 9.25 I had to build it in 3 sections due to the printer size restriction.
    Take care
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