USB Hub and Switch

USB Hub and Switch

It turns out that the camera uses an internal I/O hub that is USB powered and then the actual camera interface that is powered from the 12V supply, both of which have separate drivers in Windows. Unfortunately that configuration apparently required a particular startup sequence where the camera must be powered BEFORE connecting it to the USB interface. Since I remotely automate my observatory and power everything up remotely, that was not possible. The USB 3.0 extender and interface would remain powered by the PC and thus never shut down. My hopefully temporary work-around was to take a USB 3.0 hub I had and add an Arduino Nano controlled relay to disable the power on the USB 3.0 port going to the camera. The cable that came with the hub was flakey, so I had to swap it. I also need to replace all the bright blue LEDs on the board, but for now some tape will have to serve.


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