Inside the CN16 GPS

Inside the CN16 GPS

For comparison, I opened my CN16 GPS. You can see the blue serial connector and the white GPS connector. The GPS module is under the antenna. The PIC with the red dot is the equivalent of the NSW434, while the one with the blue dot runs the compass and level (long clear tube with a metal ball in it).


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  • Bruno on 2022-Jun-06 08:55:05 Bruno said


    Thanks for the picture.

    Trying to repair a faulty CN16 in the middle of the desert in the Middle-East.
    Can you tell us what are the signals carried by the 4 wires between the GPS antenna and the board (grey, red, Brown and black in your case, orange, red, black and grey for me) ? looking for VCC, GND, TX and RX of course...
    Thanks a lot,
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