M76 - Little Dumbbell -160928

Messier 76, the Little Dumbbell, is a planetary nebula in the constellation of Perseus. It's about 2500 light years away and about 1.23 light years across. Visually from Earth it's about 2.7 arc-minutes (2.7') across, or just under 1/10th the diameter of the full moon. At a magnitude of 10.1, this target is detectable through a large telescope in dark skies.

This image is a stack of 29 ten-minute frames (~five hours) captured with my Celestron Nightscape camera on my Celestron 11" Deluxe CPC EDGE HD. Images were stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop with some noise reduction in StarTools.

Astrometry Details

Image Center: View full size annotated image.
   Right Ascension: 1h 42m 19.374s (25° 34m 50.616s)
   Declination: +51° 34m 55.149s
Orientation: Up is 0.4 degrees West of North.
Image Size: 21.786' x 16.455' Pixel Scale: 0.348"

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