Sh 2-190 - The Heart Nebula 101106st

Re-process of Sh 2-190, The Heart Nebula, in the new StarTools software with a Photoshop finish. This is a stack of 23 ten-minute exposures at 1600 ISO on my modified Canon 450D in my cooler box. This was part of my foray into large dim DSOs in the middle of the Milky Way. Lots of stars in the background that are very difficult to minimize. The StarTools software really did an impressive job on this one, although there was a bit of a gradient (may be real nebula) to the right side that I had to kill with Photoshop.

Astrometry Details

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   Right Ascension: 2h 34m 3.935s (38° 30m 59.021s)
   Declination: +61° 7m 30.621s
Orientation: Up is 87.2 degrees West of North.
Image Size: 2.549° x 1.684° Pixel Scale: 2.139"

Identified Objects


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